Lil' Dragons

This beginning karate class is structured to offer basic agility and socialization. It's a great way for your child to learn the basics of karate while having fun.

Childrens Karate

This class teaches the fundamentals of karate as well as an age appropriate cardio/strength building workout. Children learn respect and discipline as they continue to hone their skills

Adults Karate

Make fitness, self‐defense, and stress relief a part of your life. At Bozeman Karate you can achieve total overall fitness...


Ryukyu Kobudo is the Original weapons system of Okinawa with its roots tracing back over 400 years. The Tesshinkan officially began....

Black Belt

Did you know only 3-5% of those who start karate go on to be a black belt? Work hard to become part of this elite group of students. Once a student enters the path to black belt they are offered the opportunity to teach at the lower levels. As they say in karate "when one teaches, two learn."

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